Various YUM Projects

YUM vocational training in Kalimantan

Yayasan Usaha Mulia (YUM) – Foundation for Noble Work – assists the poor and destitute in Indonesia through social welfare projects.

For more than 30 years, YUM has been undertaking projects in the fields of Community Development, Education and Health that aim to assist Indonesians from poor backgrounds regardless of their ethnicity, religion, age or gender.

YUM recognizes the need for communities to support their own development and, through a range of community development projects, aims to give local communities the support they need to grow and prosper. YUM believes that by including local community members in all aspects of a project’s life, the local community will not only benefit from the outcomes of the project, people will also learn from the process and be able to sustain the benefits into the future. The community development projects YUM undertakes are particularly focused on strengthening community networks and, subsequently, improving the communities’ ability to work and grow as a group.

In 2013 SD Canada is funding two of YUM professional training projects in Central Kalimantan. Although rich in natural resources, Central Kalimantan still lags behind much of Indonesia in development. Some 62% of children have access to lower secondary education, while less than 37% have access to upper secondary education, well below the national average (UNESCO).  This overall low level of education makes it difficult for school leavers to seek further education or training leading to a low level of skills in the general workforce. More than 50% of the current workforce has only a primary school education, while only 25% has a lower secondary education.  Recognizing the current and future limit to formal employment in the area, YUM proposes to provide skills that lend themselves to self employment.

1. Handicrafts

This course includes learning to make rattan items, computing, English, sewing & skills that lend themselves to small business development and self-employment.

2. Education for Entrepreneurship: Basic Hairdressing Course

To enhance employment for young people and women, YUM is launching Hairdressing Training courses that require little investment on the part of the participants who wish to start a small salon in their village. They will be given basic knowledge on hair cutting techniques.

At the end of the training, each participant will be given a certificate. YUM has obtained a permit from the branch of the Ministry of Manpower in Palangkaraya to conduct training and is currently applying for accreditation.

SDC committed to giving the following amount to these projects in 2013: CAN$3,111 (Handicrafts), CAN$2,700 (Hairdressing).

YUM Projects

Various YUM Projects


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