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The Kingantoko CSCOM

The Kingantoko CSCOM (Community Health Center) opened its doors to the public on August 31, 2013. It is the third health center built with the help of the Buchan Family Foundation (partnering with SDIA, SD Canada and SD Congo) in the DR Congo.

Kingantoko is the largest structure of the three Community Health Centers. In the words of the local health officials, it is the “Jewel of the health zone – the best health infrastructure for hundreds of kilometres around”. While construction work is still being finished on the second building, the first building is fully functional. The Kingantoko CSCOM appears to be in the middle of nowhere, but it has become for the health officials the hub of health activities, covering some 2,000 square kilometres of rural villages and hamlets.

Complementary health services are needed. The capacity to perform blood transfusions is one of them. In Kingantoko, the nearest hospital to offer blood transfusions is 11 km away, but there is also a closer small health center that offers them “underground”. The consequences of this illicit practice in poor conditions can be fatal. The health zone of the region has given the authorisation to the Kingantoko CSCOM to set up a transfusion unit and is ready to supply some of the necessary chemicals.

SD Canada donated $7,000 for the setting up of a transfusion unit in the Kingantoko CSCOM (Community Health Centre) in 2014.

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