Elders of the community of Camaguey. Ten elders who have serious health problems and are in a difficult economic situation are regularly visited by three Subud sisters who also respond to their calls The monetary help allows them to buy food, milk, medicine, toiletries and pays for transportation to hospital when necessary.

“Manos, imaginación y movimientos” is a community project for children with behavioral problems and autism in La Habana. It offers art sessions that help remove children from the streets, helps parents communicate with them, transmits values, takes children away from video games and develops a sense of creativity. José Eduardo, a Subud member, artist and social worker, works with them every Saturday. With the donations, he can buy art supplies.

Francisco Vicente Aguilera Tamayo Special School in Manzanillo is a project adopted by Subud Cuba in 2014. Children of this school suffer from autism, intellectual disabilities, and Down syndrome. They are offered courses in music, personal development and handicrafts. The school counts 135 students aged 5 to 18 and 63 employees. Funds sent by SD Canada will be used to purchase a water distributor.

In 2015, SD Canada is giving a maximum of $3,000 to fund the three projects.

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  1. gregory perrin says:

    Hi…. I am London uk subud…
    And youth worker in uk….and have worked with learning disabilities….in music film and art….and funding…,
    Sd britain do not really do much south america things…
    So I am interested in communication…with you and cuba
    To see if my information is useful. ?.,

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