Konrad Baerveldt

Jakarta, 1 August 2012…In honor of Konrad Baerveldt (1943-2012), a memorial fund has been established to facilitate the building of a vocational training centre in Borneo, in cooperation with the Indonesian charity Yayasan Usaha Mulia (“YUM”), with the aim of providing local, pertinent skills training for youth.

In Central Kalimantan, as a result of a simple lack of skills training facilities, youth unemployment is a serious barrier to personal and economic development. To address this situation, and as per its commitment to the Clinton Global Initiative, YUM is currently establishing a vocational training facility in the region to educate economically disadvantaged youth in seven communities. With a rural youth population of over 13,000 there is a genuine need for training facilities and educational programs tailored to their needs in the areas of Basic Business Management Skills, Job Seeking Skills, entrepreneurship and crafts, IT and English, as well as other skills to be identified through a Labor Market Survey and a Production/Consumption survey.

For a decade, Konrad enthusiastically supported YUM, and most especially their work in Central Kalimantan. As an entrepreneur and businessman himself, Konrad was passionate about overcoming the barriers between the education and training of disadvantaged youth to break their cycle of poverty by enabling them to become economically self-sufficient and self-reliant. Through his own experience, Konrad recognized the process of empowered youth through gainful employment helped them find confidence, personal integrity, and self-esteem.

In memory of Konrad, the Baerveldt family has formed the Konrad Baerveldt Memorial Fund to aid in the building, operation, and maintenance of YUM’s vocational training centre.

The Baerveldt family, YUM and friends warmly invite you to remember Konrad by partnering with us to establish this much-needed vocational training centre.


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