Fundacion TropicoSupport for the sustainability of the Departmental System of Protected Areas in the Valle del Cauca (SIDAP Valle del Cauca), Colombia

Fundación Tropico, based in Cali, Colombia, was founded in 1995, and is a member of the Susila Dharma network. It works with communities, ethnic minorities, young people and children, farmers and professional agricultural associations to raise awareness and provide solutions to environmental issues and threats. It supports:

  • education and training on key issues to increase the capacity of communities to make informed decisions about their future;
  • the establishment and management of protected areas, organic agriculture, food sustainability and the strengthening of traditional sustainable methods; and
  • the research needed to implement these programmes.

The first phase of the most recent project of Fundación Tropico concluded in September 2014. It involved a participatory planning process with local communities for the protection of the Valle del Cauca endangered dry ecosystem that covers 10,840 hectares and spans three municipalities – Roldanillo, La Unión and Toro. It resulted in the creation of a local organization and the capacity building of two other community organizations that are seeking to improve living conditions of local families in an environmentally-sustainable way.

SD Canada is funding the follow-up phase of this project. The person who led the social process previously will be hired to organize a large gathering of farmers and local indigenous people, in order to follow up the community organisation process, and also to implement the project’s sustainability strategy. SD Canada’s donation will pay for the salary of the social worker during 3 months, and support the transportation and food costs for participants coming to the meeting of SIDAP-Valle-del-Cauca Protected Areas.

SD Canada donated US$3,000 (about CDN$3,450) for this project in 2014. SDIA contributed US$1,000.

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