About Susila Dharma Canada

The Mission of Susila Dharma Canada

The mission of SD Canada is to relieve human suffering and promote just and sustainable development through:

  • Partnerships and support for grassroots, participatory development and humanitarian initiatives;
  • Empowering individuals and communities to engage in positive human, social and economic change;
  • Raising awareness of global issues and inter-dependence.

The Meaning of “Susila” and “Dharma”

The name “Susila Dharma” combines two Sanskrit words, which together mean ‘guided from within to take action in the world.’ Susila Dharma work originates from an awareness of a common humanity that transcends differences. The intention behind Susila Dharma is to support people to live and work in harmony in their quest for a just and sustainable society. The focus of Susila Dharma is on people and relationships, and a belief in the ability of people to reach their potential — socially, economically and spiritually.

SD Canada about

Guiding Principles

As a member of the Susila Dharma International Association, we embrace the following guiding principles:

A Vision of Development

  • We give priority to the needs, aspirations and participation of the individuals and communities with whom we are working.
  • We recognize the importance of fundamental human rights and environmental sustainability.
  • We work to advance the UN Millennium Development Goals. http://www.undp.org/mdg/basics.shtml
  • We understand development as a positive process of human, social, cultural, environmental, economic and political transformation.

Community Participation and Knowledge Sharing

  • We are committed to participatory and inclusive approaches to development.
  • As a network we freely share our information and knowledge, continuously learning from each other and from the communities we are trying to assist.
  • We base our decisions on mutual understanding and respect. We aim to learn from our mistakes and value our success, no matter how small.
  • We are committed to monitoring and evaluating our activities in order to continually improve our development practices.


  • Partnerships form the basis for trust and sound development practice.
  • Our partnerships respect one another’s autonomy and constraints and are built on honesty, accountability and transparency.
  • All partners strive for better understanding and appreciation of one another.
  • We reach out to and work in collaboration with institutions that share our aims and objectives.

Transparent and Accountable Management and Reporting

  • We are committed to transparent and accountable reporting, both between members of the network, and towards beneficiaries, donors and the general public.
  • We seek to identify the appropriate scale and terms of financial support on a case-by-case basis.

Personal Responsibility

  • In addition to being well informed and learning from others, we strive to trust our own perceptions and follow our inner feelings as development practitioners.

Approved at the 2007 Annual General Meeting of SDIA, Ascot UK

Board of Directors

SD Canada is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors. Please view the Board of Directors Job Description here.


Vivienne Sutherland

Ruth Thomas

Louise (Raphaelle) Chapleau

Lambert Bazinet

Eliana Macdonald

Rosanna Hille

Kumari Beck (Chair)

Dave Hitchcock (Secretary)

Husein Patel (Treasurer)


Past Annual Reports

2016 SD Canada Annual Report with audit

2015 SD Canada Annual Report with audit

2014 SD Canada Annual Report with financial review


Subud Canada

SD Canada was created in 1986 by Canadian Subud members as an affiliate to the Subud Canada Association. Subud is a global association of people who belong to all cultures and religions and who are united through a direct, personal experience called the latihan that acknowledges a higher spiritual power. Subud members are often inspired to give back to those in need through charitable giving, humanitarian actions and through creating development partnerships.

Susila Dharma International Association (SDIA)

SD Canada is a voting member of the international association  of Susila Dharma national organizations called SDIA, a USA registered non-profit charitable organization.

In 1989, SDIA was granted special consultative status with the United National Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). Since 2000, SDIA has been affiliated with the UN Department of Public Information, NGO Section.

SDIA is affiliated with the World Subud Association (WSA).

The mandate of SDIA is to:

  • strengthen the capacity of its members, local organizations, development professionals and volunteers
  • facilitate shared learning between members and interested individuals
  • identify and coordinate human, technical and financial resources to assist members and community initiatives
  • encourage respect for human rights, achievement of the UN Millennium Development Goals and international advocacy for development and social justice through its consultative status with the United Nations and other international organizations